One of our newest Junior Elite Riders, Annabel Buckley-McMahon, rode to a third-place finish at the hilly Ken Harrod Road Race.

Last weekend’s race at the Ken Harrod Memorial Road Race was a good one. We had decent weather for our race, the sun was out, and it was a reasonable temperature. I raced the Cat. 4/5 field along with 10 other women. I had a smooth start getting myself into good positioning in the third wheel and the women at the front decided that she would like to pull for the entire race, so that took that off of my plate and all I had to do was hang on to the very fast pace she was setting. We did three ten mile laps of a rather hilly course. Pretty soon into the first lap, a break happened and the field was now split into two groups of five. My teammate and I had both made the break and I felt pretty comfortable for the duration of the race, able to put the power down when needed. We came across the start finish for the first time and started to increase the pace slightly, especially on the hills. Soon enough we dropped two people off and we were down to the lead group of three. I rode with these riders for the remainder of the race. Our last lap was a fast on in order to maintain our gap. We all sprinted up the long hill before the downhill near the finish and then got in our drops and sped down the downhill. Our group of three was pretty much together up to the final sprint up the last short hill. The two riders accelerated and unfortunately, I couldn’t quite match their power but I ended up coming third, about ten seconds behind them. I was happy to get my first road podium with a strong group of ladies.