One of our newest Elite Junior riders, Kaia Schmid, turned to the velodrome last weekend at the Northeast Regional Track Championships.
On Saturday I competed at the Northeast Regional Track Championships in the girls 15-16 age group at Trexlertown Velodrome in Pennsylvania. The first race of the day was a 2km Skratch race. It was a good wake up race after not being on the velodrome for a while now. Not only did I forget that I have to be in the drops, but I also had bad positioning. Despite the mistakes, I ended up fighting my way to a 3rd place. The next race of the day was a 4km scratch race. I found better positioning in this race and was able to grab 2nd place. The third race was a 6km tempo race. On the first sprint, Sophia Shuhay (current US National Champion) and I got a gap on the rest of the field and we ended up getting into a two-man breakaway. We ended up lapping some of the fields and I won a few sprints in the race but I did not have the last match needed to win, so I finished 2nd. The last race of the day was a 10km points race. This race was super fun and very fast. I consistently got top three in all the sprints which earned me a 2nd place in the final race of the day. I wrapped up the day with a 2nd place overall behind the US National Champion who finished 1st and in front of the Canadian National Champion who finished 3rd with a huge smile on my face. It’s so cool to say I beat the Canadian National Champion! I was looking forward to the match sprints and a 200m time trial tomorrow.

On Sunday I raced in the flying 200m time trial and match sprints in the 15-18 age class. In the flying 200m race, I finished in 3rd behind the 15-16 US National Champion and 17-18 US National Champion. Then I got seeded by that race on who I was going to go against in the match sprints. My first match sprint I sprinted first and grew the gap between me and the other girl until the finish line, winning the match. The second match sprint was against the US 17-18 National Champion. She made the first move and started sprinting but I grabbed her wheel. About 100m from the finish line I made an attempt to pass her but I didn’t have it in me so I finished on her wheel. Then I went against the 15-16 Canadian National Champion for 3rd or 4th place. Since it was finals it was going to be the best of three rounds against her. The first round I made the move to early and she grabbed my wheel just nipping me on the line. The second round I decided to let her make the first move and I grabbed her wheel and sprinted around her about 100m out, dropping her. Then the last sprint came and neither of us made the move until about 150m out. She started to sprint but I dropped down into the sprinter’s lane before her and she had nothing left in her so I dusted her to the finish line taking the 3rd place overall behind the US 15-16 and US 17-18 National Champ!