The team that keeps the wheels rolling

Out of nothing, greatness can arise. When we chose to start this team it really was out of necessity. There were no local junior teams in our area in Boston, that the average kid wanting to get into cycling could join. So we started this team to give every kid a chance. Quickly word got out about us. With no guidelines, no real plan, we faced the 2015 season head-on. We push the boundaries of convention and quickly established ourselves as the new team, facing all challenges no matter the obstacle. That first year we saw more podiums then we could have hoped for.

We learned, we strove to achieve more and headed onto year two with bigger goals.  2016 saw us get more podiums, bigger results and we saw the kids develop into cyclists.  Better still we found acceptance in this tight-knit community.  Friendships were forged and the kids were thriving. 2017 saw us tackle bigger races, traveling all over the USA, giving the kids experiences of what racing at the top is really like.  We continue to evolve and grow, to teach the kids about racing but more importantly giving them life skills.

Meet Our Team

Josette Chrystall

Board of Directors – CEO

Danielle Case

Board of Directors – CFO/Treasurer

Ben Ryan

Board of Directors – Member and Social Media liaison

Stephen Jette

Board of Directors – Vice President, Assistant Coach

Steve Segenchuk

Board of Directors – Secretary


We strive to support our riders both on and off the race track. It is important to us that the juniors understand the value of education, but also receive help when life gets a little ‘stressful’. We aim to help them when training, which can often be tough to do alone. And of course, we are there for them at every race, providing whatever support they might need. We hope to help them in all aspects of their lives from social, emotional and the demands of physical training.


Teaming up with local Pro cyclist, Adam Myerson of Cycle-Smart, fast-tracked our ability to help the juniors realize their cycling goals. Each junior receives individual instruction and training plans structured around their racing goals. His understanding of how physically and mentally taxing cycling is, really helps our juniors maximise their potential. We know it works as in just 3 years we have seen huge improvement across all the juniors and his lasting impression will go on long past they move out of our Elite Junior Program.


It goes without saying that there is a bigger picture here, our cycling community and furthermore, the community the juniors find at school and at home. Helping them see past their ‘small worlds’ and look around them is a philosophy we strongly adhere too. We ask the juniors to assist at races with the juniors younger than them, help in feed zones, and also help race organizers with setup and other tasks. They become aware of the people around them and what it takes to put on a race and those that have helped them in some small way.


We are always looking to the future and are prepared for change. While we started the team just for Junior Development, we have since realized that U23 is a category that also requires loads of support, especially since many are college students and for them to continue to race, they cannot also work. The further development of our Elite Adult team is also a necessary part of our team. These experienced riders are mentors to the rest of the team, racing, and training together. We continue to grow and change with the needs of our riders and strive to give them everything they might need to be able to continue in the sport.

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