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“We give more than we take. Everyday.”

Investing ourselves in the growth and success of ourselves and our teammates, both on and off the bike, we strive to be the best athletes, friends, and people we can be. Structured in a way that makes this possible for each and every one of us, we provide opportunities, engaging in the development of all our riders, from top to bottom. We are parents, coaches, students, and mentors, and for all of us, cycling is not just a sport; it is a platform that uses the bicycle to help push ourselves to our highest potential, everyday. Based in Massachusetts, New England Devo is a group of bike racers who come together to enjoy the vast array of disciplines cycling has to offer.

Broken into a Junior Development team, a Junior Elite team, a U23 team, and a team of Adult Mentors, success on the bike has proved as fruitful as it has off the bike. A member of the New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA), as well as a registered member of USA Cycling (USAC), the team accumulated more than 700 individual race days in 2017, garnering 67 podiums and 34 wins, growing from a small band of like-minded individuals to one of the premier teams in the Northeast region in just 3 years.


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With just one Elite Junior team in the Boston area, the average kid wanting to get into cycling had no team to call their own.  With kids coming from all over the Boston and New England area, we started this team with the hopes of providing a place for all kids, where they could learn and grow into the sport of cycling.

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We understand that the gifts given to the team by our families, directors, supporters and sponsors represent an opportunity, not an accolade.

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